Top 5 Universities in France

With around 100 universities, France is among the most preferred education destinations amongst international students. In France, you can choose from an extensive study offer, with countless business schools, research institutes, and engineering schools. Most universities teach in French, but you will come across various courses taught in English.

France has a rich history in high standard teaching, but you are certainly looking to find out the best universities in France. If you plan to further your education in France, here is a list of top 5 Universities in France:

University of Strasbourg

Founded in 1621, University of Strasbourg (Université de Strasbourg) is a non-profit higher learning institution situated in the tiny city of Strasbourg. The University of Strasbourg has an enrollment of more than 45000 students from all corners of the world. The fee to attend this institution is similar for both natives and international-degree students. The good thing about Université de Strasbourg is that it offers student housing via the public organization, CROUS. Courses at the campus are offered across five major academic disciplines: Law, economics, literature & languages, arts, political & social sciences, management, social sciences & humanities, science & technology, and health. The primary language of the university is French, but several courses are taught partially in English.

University of Lorraine

The University of Lorraine is a public institution established after the merge of four institutions of the Lorraine region. The university was established in 1572, but the merge took place in 2012. With over 60,000 students, 6900 employees, 60 research centers, and 43 teaching departments, Université de Lorraine is among the largest university in France. This higher learning institution offers educational degrees like doctorate degrees, master degrees, and bachelor degrees in various areas of study.

University of Bordeaux

The University of Bordeaux is ranked among the best French universities for the high quality of its education and research. An international, research-focused, multidisciplinary institution, it offers an ambitious development program together with its partners to further promote Bordeaux as a center of excellence. The campus enrolls over 56000 students, of which 6800 are international students, and 2000 are Ph.D. students.

University of Aix-Marseilles

Established in 2012, the University of Aix-Marseilles is located in the city of Marseille. Despite it being among the youngest universities in France, it is the largest in regards to the number of its staff, students and its budget. The institution offers courses and programs leading to the award of degrees in various areas of study like bachelor degrees, master degrees, and doctorate degrees.

Paris Sud University – Paris 11

Dedicated and with a strong emphasis on health and science, Paris-Sud University is one of the most renown universities in France, ranked among the leading higher learning institutions across the world. It enrolls more than 32000 students, of whom 5000 are international, and 2400 are doctorate candidates. Besides, it has 82 internationally-renowned laboratories. It hires 3100 members of engineering staffs and 4300 teacher-researchers. The university’s high level of research is proven by countless awards and its high positions in international rankings – read article on why study in france.